Confession of Lagos Girl Who Has Sex With 21 Men Weekly [Simply SAMAD Exclusive +PHOTO]

Lagos girl - Simply SAMAD (Samod Biobaku)

*Reveals latest trends, voodoo and how men get trapped
When it comes to prostitution in Lagos, different persons tend to see the ancient trade from different perspectives.

While the morally upright would hiss and curse at the sight of a call girl, a high profile client with large appetite for carnal matters would not miss the blissful promise the nocturnal calling holds for him.

Similarly, while many would not hesitate to charge at such a lady with names like Ashawo, Karuwa or Akwuna-kwuna, depending on the individual’s cultural roots, some would rather express preference for a more refined phrase like ‘Lady of the Red Light District, commercial sex worker, whore, etc.

However, regardless of the name, the trade remains the same – sex for money. When Simply SAMAD engaged a Lagos-based call girl in a lengthy conversation, the outcome was a hive of revelations.

What started with a courteous line of sympathy eventually morphed into a three-hour-long chat between Simply SAMAD and Kemi (real names withheld).

The conversation started when she declared that she was unhappy. Asked what the matter was, Kemi said she had just lost a substantial amount of money. Excerpts:

Why are you unhappy?
I have just lost some money. Continue reading


The Girl With Two Faces


“Once upon a time, I met a young lady who proved to be as much of a blessing as she was a curse in my life; like a breath of poison upon a drop of antidote… Shall I reveal to you the first alphabet of her name?”

    – Simply SAMAD 📌

Love is No Longer What It Was


The fun, thrill and excitement that comes with having s3x with a girl for the first time was struck a fatal blow the day a girl confessed to me how she and her friends had transformed their bodies into instruments of sexual, spiritual and metaphysical bondage for any man who suffers the misfortune of having sexual intercourse with them.

                                                – Simply SAMAD

When the Cup Gets Filled


I have seen men and women who spin a career out of concocting false tales of misfortune around their lives and milk unsuspecting people of their hard earned money. Hmmmmmm… Go ahead! One day, God might just decide to whisper an Amen to all the terrible tales of calamity of tragedy that have made you rich.

                                             – Simply SAMAD

The Devil’s Juice


One of the things that makes an incredibly intelligent person become temporarily daft, dumb, foolish and mentally lost is the Devil’s juice; alcohol.

                                           – Samod Biobaku

When My Eyes Are Shut


I suddenly realise that when I shut my eyes, my power of imagination leaps into a geometric level of progression that leaves me dazed for a couple of minutes.

                                           – Simply SAMAD

Look Around You


Please no matter how tough, crazy and abysmally bad things get this week, there’s always at least one reason you should still be happy in the midst of all that madness.

                                           – Simply SAMAD