Confession of Lagos Girl Who Has Sex With 21 Men Weekly [Simply SAMAD Exclusive +PHOTO]

Lagos girl - Simply SAMAD (Samod Biobaku)

*Reveals latest trends, voodoo and how men get trapped
When it comes to prostitution in Lagos, different persons tend to see the ancient trade from different perspectives.

While the morally upright would hiss and curse at the sight of a call girl, a high profile client with large appetite for carnal matters would not miss the blissful promise the nocturnal calling holds for him.

Similarly, while many would not hesitate to charge at such a lady with names like Ashawo, Karuwa or Akwuna-kwuna, depending on the individual’s cultural roots, some would rather express preference for a more refined phrase like ‘Lady of the Red Light District, commercial sex worker, whore, etc.

However, regardless of the name, the trade remains the same – sex for money. When Simply SAMAD engaged a Lagos-based call girl in a lengthy conversation, the outcome was a hive of revelations.

What started with a courteous line of sympathy eventually morphed into a three-hour-long chat between Simply SAMAD and Kemi (real names withheld).

The conversation started when she declared that she was unhappy. Asked what the matter was, Kemi said she had just lost a substantial amount of money. Excerpts:

Why are you unhappy?
I have just lost some money. Continue reading